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Gamepedia is a game cataloging software that allows you to retrieve information about your game collection from the Internet, saving you time and effort.
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License: Shareware
Date update: 2008-03-27
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Gamepedia lets you search all the Amazon sites for information about your games. It also lets you know at a glance who borrowed which game at what date and whether it was returned or not.
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You can create collections to organize your games or keep a wish list of all those games you always wanted but haven't had a chance to buy yet. Keep track of important information like walk-throughs, cheats, screenshots and reviews. You can also share your collections online with the customizable HTML export feature. These are just some examples of how Gamepedia lets you organize and keep track of your games library. For a complete description of Gamepedia, check out our Gamepedia page.
Download  freeBuy More details for Gamepedia [18.00 $]

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Gamepedia - Gamepedia is a game cataloging software that allows you to retrieve information about your game collection from More details for Gamepedia