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ProStockMaster for Linux

ProStockMaster for Linux. ProStockMaster helps tens thousands of amateurs and professionals involved in stock photography in preparing and uploading their images to leading stock photo agencies.
ProStockMaster for Linux
Version: N/A
Publisher: ProStockMaster More windows software for publisher: ProStockMaster More linux software for publisher: ProStockMaster More mac software for publisher: ProStockMaster More mobile software for publisher: ProStockMaster More games for publisher: ProStockMaster
Language: English
Publisher email: N/A
Price: 89.99 $
Date product: 2008-09-08
License: Shareware
Date update: 2010-05-26
Size: N/A
Number downloads: 157
ProStockMaster supports iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, DreamsTime, 123rf, BigStockPhoto, CanStockPhoto, Fotolia, Stockxpert and AlamyWith ProStockMaster you can:- Upload all your images to all leading stock photography agencies just in one click! You can upload selected images or a complete image folder!- Automate IPTC and Adobe XMP keywording (tagging)! Enter a word (now you can eneter in your native language!) and get tens of automatically generated English keywords relevant for your image - just in one button click!- Get your stock statistics directly at your fingertips, all in one window! Your earnings, downloads etc for every stock agency supported by ProStockMaster- View EXIF data inserted by your camera: aperture & shutter, program mode, ISO, focal length, flash mode, metering mode and much more- Translate metadata for all images in the selcted folder to another language.
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All teh images will be copied to another folder and their metadata will be translated on-the-fly
- Fast search in images on your computer for any keyword either in the image' title, description or in the keywords fields
- Copy keywords, title and description (IPTC) from one image to another, making keywording of similar images extremely fast and easy. For instance, if you've shoot a sport event and then have selected 12 images for editing and upload, 95% of keywords in these images shall probably be the same.
ProStockMaster allows you applying the selcted keywords set to multiple images and copyIPTC metadata between images- Import and export keywords from external files, optionally with on-the-fly translation. You can keep your keywords in categories in your native language and tehn import, translate & insert them in your images- Upload history / track recordsVisit our web for more info!

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Publisher software: ProStockMaster

ProStockMaster for Linux - ProStockMaster for Linux. ProStockMaster helps tens thousands of amateurs and professionals invo More details for ProStockMaster for Linux