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For PalmOS 3.5 and above. A simple yet powerful tool to help Realtors manage their client and sales information, all the way from contact to closing.
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Language: English
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Price: 14.99 $
Date product: N/A
License: Shareware
Date update: 2008-03-27
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Buy today and enjoy easier, more organized, and better sales. How PowerSeller/RE Increases Your Sales  PowerSeller/RE increases your sales in three key ways:It's A Specialized Tool - Specialized tools make you look moreprofessional, organized, and trustworthy.
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Download  freeBuy More details for PowerSeller/RE [14.99 $]
When people ask yourclients who to buy a house through, they'll refer you again and again.You'll Always be Prepared - Keeping a small organizer with you is easy,and having all the client's information at any time at a moment's noticecan make those surprises much easier to deal with.You Only Have to Worry About the Client - With PowerSeller/REtaking care of all the little details for you, you can concentrate on yourclient and the sale. Be more focused and better prepared during theentire transaction!Client Confidence, Easier Sales  With all the information about the client, the sale, and allthe people involved with you at all times, you will stay on topof your sale.
Your client will have more confidencein you, trust you more, and make the entire sale easier!An Organized Workflow  PowerSeller/RE was designed through monthsof extensive interviews with successful Real Estage Agents and Brokers.The workflow from a prospect to the client interview to the closing to thenext sale are all designed right into the program. When you're done withone step, just hit a button and the program moves all the pertinent dataonto the next stage for you! Selling was never this easy!All this FunctionalityPowerSeller/RE manages:  - Prospects - The client's name and contact information     - The Client Interview      - The client's name and contact information.
Youcan transfer this information in from a Prospect.     - The client's monthly finances, with a builtinmortgage calculator and loan qualifier!     - The client's desired type, location, and size of the home  - Closings - Keep track of all this information!      - The Client     - The Lender     - The Property     - The Title Company     - The Home Inspection     - The Termite Inspection     - The Settlement time, date, and location  - And when you're all done, you can save the importantdata in a list of Post-Closing clients.
With all this taken care of for you, you can worry about The Sale.
Download  freeBuy More details for PowerSeller/RE [14.99 $]

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Publisher software: LALSOFT Corporation

PowerSeller/RE - For PalmOS 3.5 and above. A simple yet powerful tool to help Realtors manage their client and sales inform More details for PowerSeller/RE