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Cornolius Database Application

Cornolius Database Application is a program for building custom databases. It enables you to build database structures based on primary-foreign key concept.
Cornolius Database Application
Version: N/A
Publisher: Mental9Production More windows software for publisher: Mental9Production More linux software for publisher: Mental9Production More mac software for publisher: Mental9Production More mobile software for publisher: Mental9Production More games for publisher: Mental9Production
Language: English
Publisher email: N/A
Price: 60.00 $
Date product: 2004-05-06
License: Shareware
Date update: 2008-03-27
Size: N/A
Number downloads: 0
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It is multi-user and secure program. Many users can use this database application to build and manage their databases.
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Windows NT/2000,Windows XP
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Download  freeBuy More details for Cornolius Database Application [60.00 $]
Each user who build database(s) becomes an owner and thus can assign users to use the database(s). Databases are secured by passwords and by users' privileges.
Cornolius Database Application specifications: 100% stand-alone application (equipped with its own database engine).Includes Database Wizard to simplify database creation.Databases secured by passwords and by privileges.Tables with primary/foreign key structure.Export database for use on the intranet.Handles multiple databases and users.Practical and well designed interface.Won more than 25 industry awards!.
A secure multi-user database creator and manager!
Download  freeBuy More details for Cornolius Database Application [60.00 $]

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Publisher software: Mental9Production

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