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DB Anywhere 15% off

FeaturesLoad large tables very quicklyEasily create and view formsForms can contain Text, Combo or Check Boxes, Labels, Buttons, Images and List BoxesCreate shortcuts to your tables/queries/forms which make it possible to load DB Anywhere to a specific table query or form when the shortcut is launchedProgram your own event code that is executed when specific events occur.This allows you to create your own database applicationQuery Editor and Query Builder (similar to MS-Access query designer)Support for variables in queries and form source (allows you to run queries with different values in conditions each time you run the query.
DB Anywhere 15% off
Version: 3.1
Publisher: Tiny Pocket Software More windows software for publisher: Tiny Pocket Software More linux software for publisher: Tiny Pocket Software More mac software for publisher: Tiny Pocket Software More mobile software for publisher: Tiny Pocket Software More games for publisher: Tiny Pocket Software
Language: English
Publisher email: N/A
Price: 20.83 $
Date product: 2005-08-24
License: Shareware
Date update: 2008-03-27
Size: 2651456.00 kB
Number downloads: 97
Eg. "...where [DateField] =#!day!/!month!/2001#" or "...where [Salary]>!value!")In-cell editing, entry-bar edit, large-cell edit as well as Single Record ViewImport/Export to/from CSVQuickly and easily filter your data to find what you needQuickly access your tables, queries and forms by allowing DB Anywhere to create shortcuts for youAuto size column to column data (also, manual resizing of columns)Quickly edit time/date fields from date/time selection windowFind/Replace values in tablesZoom in/out of tableAdvanced filter/sorting on tableDetermine Sum/Average/Min/Max values of column dataNon-destructive field type changesSample databases and help file/manual installed on your desktop computerQuick and helpful customer supportYou can now create new databases or use your MS Access databases right on your Pocket PC!Note: DB Anywhere is a standalone database software and does not require Microsoft Access.
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However if you wish to edit your database data on a desktop computer too, you can use MS Access. Visit for more information!. Powerful, easy-to-use database for Pocket PC. Want a compact, powerful, easy-to-use database software? You got one!

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DB Anywhere 15% off

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DB Anywhere 15% off - FeaturesLoad large tables very quicklyEasily create and view formsForms can contain Text, Combo or Ch More details for DB Anywhere 15% off