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Math Studio

Math tool for high school teachers and students. Function graphing and analyzing, sequence of number, analytic geometry and solid geometry.
Math Studio
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Language: English
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Price: 40.00 $
Date product: 2006-01-20
License: Shareware
Date update: 2010-05-27
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Creating 2D function graphs and animations.Analyzing functions - extrema, roots, parity, inverse, limit, derivative and integral.
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Windows NT/2000,Windows XP,Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003,Windows Vista
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Download  freeBuy More details for Math Studio [40.00 $]
Creating 2.5D function graphs and animations. Analytic geometry. Sequence of number. Solid geometry.Ability to set and modify the properties of function graphs and animations. Ability to move, zoom in, zoom out and rotate the graphs in plot area. High quality graph effect, the curve created is very smooth. Ability to save graphs as msd file or bmp file. Ability to save animation as AVI file. Ability to add grid, background and shadow for 2D axis and use pi to label x axis.Create function graphs and animations.
Math Studio - screenshot
A math software for school teachers, students and parents.
Download  freeBuy More details for Math Studio [40.00 $]

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Math Studio

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Publisher software: GraphNow

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