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Site Builder Software

Site Builder Software allows you to easily build a dynamic web site with an automatically generated menu structure, auto keyword and description meta tag generation, inbuilt RSS feeds and valid XHTML coding.
Site Builder Software
Version: N/A
Publisher: Bizpep More windows software for publisher: Bizpep More linux software for publisher: Bizpep More mac software for publisher: Bizpep More mobile software for publisher: Bizpep More games for publisher: Bizpep
Language: English
Publisher email: N/A
Price: 39.95 $
Date product: 2006-11-14
License: Shareware
Date update: 2008-03-27
Size: N/A
Number downloads: 0
Download  free
Key Features include: Quick Site function have your site up and running in minutes. No databases, no programming, no html needed, just type in your content.
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Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Mac,Linux,Windows XP
Server php support.
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Download  freeBuy More details for Site Builder Software [39.95 $]
Builds valid XHTML web pages. Provides a consistent site wide template allowing one change site wide updates. Content is saved in XML format directly on your server, providing a fully dynamic site without using a database. Automatic Meta Tag and Menu and RSS Feed generation. Site layout and style is fully control by an external Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Valid XHTML and Valid CSS links to quickly validate your site code. RSS feeds can be embedded into page content. Items and pages are added by simply typing plain text into a text area and saving or using the standard html buttons.
Capacity to display the last updated date for each Item. Auto Save to automatically save work in progress. Save As function to save the content to a local file on your computer, for future use or as a backup. Supports URL rewriting allowing the generated site to use clean static urls. Includes a Draft Item for progressive development of content. Includes an Administration Item that is accessed once signed in providing a note pad for the site developer. Allows Item content to be copied and pasted allowing you to quickly reuse text from other sources.
Easily adjustable variables provide limit less site design and structure options. Includes the ability to run external JavaScript files and apply onload functions by Item. In-built Question and Answer script. Site Builder Software provides a quick and easy to use solution to Web Site creation. It is suitable for anyone wanting to create and maintain a clean valid web site with ease, from novices to experienced professional site developers.Build a dynamic web site with automatic RSS Feeds, Meta Tags and Menus
Download  freeBuy More details for Site Builder Software [39.95 $]

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Site Builder Software

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Publisher software: Bizpep

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